You Protect Your Skin in the Summer...Why Not Your Home?
It's been said that Ultraviolet radiation can cause premature aging in people, but did you know it could have the same effect on your roof too? Summer sunshine, as well as other aspects of the season, can do some serious damage to your home's beloved cover. Like a good coat of sunblock guards your skin, there are steps you can take to make sure your roof and home are also protected from harm. When it comes to...
UV Rays
If you're in the market for a new roof, Columbia Roofing offers styles that naturally reflect light and heat, such as metal. This reflection keeps you cool during the summer, thus lowering your air conditioning costs. A metal roof is additionally low maintenance, and puts less weight on the structure of your home than the typical asphalt/fiberglass shingles.
Nobody likes to sweat, but we should feel lucky. Our homes don't have that option when it comes to keeping cool. In humid weather, improperly ventilated homes will also sweat via condensation on the roof and within the walls. Yet, instead of lowering its temperature, this excess moisture adds weight to your home's structure and can weaken it, as well as form holes that lead to even bigger leaks when the weather turns stormy. Even more so, internal moisture can result in mold and mildew build-up, which could go unnoticed without a good inspection and make you sick. Columbia Roofing can  inspect your home to check for problems with its ventilation, repair drafty roofs, windows, and doors, and also offer recommendations for decreasing humidity inside of your home. CRI is now installing new ENERGY STAR® qualified skylights, which help increase ventilation as they decrease the need for electricity in your home.
Summer Showers
Some think they're peaceful, but others find the presence of a rainstorm annoying during what would otherwise be a picture perfect summer day. We're pretty sure your home in the latter category. You have an umbrella. Your roof is left to fend for itself. The pelting water can unhinge shingles, wear down paint, and expose your home to even more elements after the season is through. Thankfully, Columbia Roofing is the area expert in roof repair, and knows exactly how to check for leaks, cracks, drafts, peeling paint, and rotting fascia boards. If you already own a Columbia Roofing product, our work is backed by both a warranty and our unmatched personal guarantee to meet your needs and maintain your satisfaction. If the impact of a summer storm concerns you at all, just give CRI a call to come out and provide a free estimate on the damage.
There is virtually no way to prepare for something as dangerous to your roof as a summer hailstorm, other than selecting roofing material resistant to the damage. While nothing is guaranteed to last forever, Columbia Roofing's new metal roof option is the most resistant to hail, wind, freezing rain, and the thawing cycle. Because of its durability in treacherous weather conditions, metal roofs can actually help to decrease the cost of your homeowner's insurance. A metal roof can usually be installed over your existing roofing material. However, if the classic slate shingle look is still more your style, and Mother Nature pays you a visit, don't fret! Columbia Roofing is currently offering a deal with  $300 off of a roof replacement. Even if anything unfortunate happens this summer, CRI has your back.


 Did it get hot in here? Or is it just us...?
 Can your home handle the summer heat?
Your air conditioning unit may be working fine, but somehow you're still sweating inside of your home. How is this possible? We know you don't need a lesson in weather education to understand that summer sunshine in Maryland equals even greater heat and humidity than we normally see, but what a lot of people don't realize is that even with a good A/C unit, cold air can still escape if your home is not properly insulated. Insulation isn't just for the winter months. It can keep you cool by absorbing and deflecting hot air that attempts to travel inside. Yes, believe it or not, hot air is actually attracted to cooler spaces. If you think you're the only one who wants to chill out after a long day outside, you're mistaken. Those heat waves are dying for some TLC too.
According to the Department of Energy, "...heating and cooling accounts for more than half of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes." Yikes! If you're trying to diminish your energy costs this summer, as well as maintain a high level of cool comfort (who doesn't want to do that?), than you're in luck! A CRI Inspection can help determine where you're lacking in energy efficiency, and assist you in preventing cool air loss. The Department of Energy explains in more detail here  how heat is transferred to and from objects, including from outside to inside your home. It also suggests ways to prevent this heat transfer, including heat-reflecting roofs, insulation, and energy efficient windows and doors, all of which are offered by Columbia Roofing.
Columbia Roofing provides the ideal choice for heat-reflection in metal roofing materials, which are resistant to all types of weather situations including hail, wind, and freezing weather conditions. This type of investment would provide year-round protection and energy efficiency, while also remaining low maintenance. Metal roofs are additionally customizable in a variety of designs and colors. Currently CRI is offering a $300 discount off of a  roof replacement! It couldn't be a better time to buy! That same deal goes for a window replacement, and Columbia Roofing offers the highest quality products in that department as well. The BFRich Green Shield windows that we install filter up to 94 percent of UV rays and are resistant to mold and fungus. They keep the heat out, and the germs too. But you don't have to take our word for it. Before the days get shorter, come visit our showroom, and see for yourself why this summer is a great time to keep cool with Columbia Roofing.


Summer Seemed to Come Out of Nowhere: Are you Prepared?
Could it be? Is summer finally here? Marylanders may never again be as thankful for warm weather. After a long and frosty winter, and then a short, but rainy spring, it's time to go outside and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer (finally!). However, in your haste to get to the pool, the beach, the boardwalk, or whatever else your summer lovin' heart desires, it's important that you don't forget about your home sweet home. A delayed chance to complete pre-summer maintenance may have resulted in some problems that could dampen your summer fun. Here's how you can verify if your home is ready for a heat wave.
  1. Does your house shine as bright in the sunshine as it used to?
Now that you're free to roam outside, you may notice that your home's once golden exterior has dulled next to your neighbor's new paint job. Maybe it was all the ice and snow, the wet weather days, or the occasional bird droppings that did you in. Whatever the combination of factors that damaged your home's siding, don't worry! Columbia Roofing has you covered. Just like a fresh spray tan is the safest way to get your summer glow up to par, a new style of siding is the surest way to give your home's look and value a boost. Columbia Roofing works with a variety of top manufacturers to ensure you have access to the best products. Our latest offerings are from industry leader James Hardie, and can be customized to your individual desires. These fiber cement siding options can befound on our website, and come with a 30- year limited product warranty, and a 15-year paint warranty. They are virtually maintenance free, and are sure to last through several more summers before any upgrade is needed.
  1. Have your energy bills gone up?
It's funny how the joys of summer make us all a little more forgetful. We forget sunglasses, sunscreen (ouch), and to turn off the lights when we leave our homes for an extended vacation. The truth is that with the sun out shining stronger and longer than normal, we shouldn't even need to be burning out bulbs day in and day out. Keeping the lights off initially could help lower the temperature and average electricity costs, but what about visibility? If you've noticed your energy bills have climbed higher this season, it may be time to switch to  solar power. Columbia Roofing offers unique access to high quality and environmentally friendly VELUX skylights, which decrease the need for electrical lighting during the day. In addition to the numerous benefits of natural light, these skylights are guaranteed to increase ventilation and enhance the appearance of your home. Now you can view that beautiful blue sky even inside.
  1. Have any unwanted pests snuck up on you?
And no, we're not talking about neighborhood kids jumping the fence to use your pool. We mean pests of the creepy crawly kind: the ants, beetles, and other bugs that seem to take over your home every summer. While setting a trap here and there is a good last-minute fix, you're likely still wishing you had barricaded the doors and windows with something stronger. It's not too late. Once the first army of invaders has been vanquished, consider contacting Columbia Roofing for added insulation and sealing. Batten down the hatches with a CRI inspection. We guarantee we'll be able to find and repair any broken seals, cracked caulk, holes, or leaks in your siding, roof, windows, and doors. Not only will your home be bug-free, but also your air quality should improve.
For more ideas on how to get your home ready for summer, visit http://www.columbiaroofing.com, or contact one of our certified professionals to schedule an inspection and estimate. Enjoy the sunshine!


How to Plan for your Home Owning Future
...with Columbia Roofing by your side
There are many different types of homebuyers.  Those who want a move-in-ready home and those who want a fixer-upper, those who plan to buy and sell, and those who plan to stay for life.  Some are sure of their decision from the get-go, and others, like you maybe, are curious about what the future holds.  The truth is that in this ever-changing market, it's good to leave the door open, and place yourself in the best possible position to succeed when a good deal appears. This is why adding value to your home over time is important.  You never know when an investment will come in handy.
The home improvement process is changing. Whereas upgrades were traditionally a personal choice, and a major one, there are now more subtle ways to increase your home's value and desirability should you decide to sell.  These include appealing to the modern environmentalist with green décor and energy saving options, or the budget conscious with low maintenance materials that look high-end. The latter, in fact, is one of Consumer Reports' top remodeling trends of 2016. Outfitting your home with products that have long-standing warranties is another draw.  And with each of these ventures, not only will you be increasing your home's value to prospective buyers, but your security in your investment as well.
Now for the real million-dollar question: how do you get started?  Columbia Roofing's trusted  maintenance and upgrade process begins with a full inspection and assessment of your home's current condition.  Once all regular repairs have been cited, an expert sales professional can help you determine the scope of any additional projects you have in mind, and then quote you with a reasonable price.  We have affordable options for every budget, and each with incredible potential to increase the worth of your home.
 In terms of energy efficiency, we offer unique access to VELUX Americaskylights, which expand the amount of natural light and fresh air flowing through your home.  VELUX also has a green-friendly manufacturing policy.  In regard to low maintenance materials, we offer the most options for roofing in the area, including metal roofing. Metal roofs come in a variety of designs and colors, unlike what you may think, but even more so they are energy efficient, low maintenance, and come with a long lasting warranty.  It's hard to beat that!
If you're ready for a change, and excited about increasing your home's ROI, you need to contact Columbia Roofing for a free estimate today!


Upgrading your Roof to Cut Costs?
How installing a new roof can actually save you money
Here's a fun fact!  Did you know that how much you pay in homeowner's insurance is actually based on how your roof is constructed?  In part, insurance companies will offer you a lower premium, or adjust your rate, if they know you have added protections in place.  These include reinforced roof coverings, secondary water barriers, or using weather resistant roofing material such as metal.  According to Bankrate.com, home insurance companies consider the roof to be the most important part of your house because "it's the gateway to far greater damage claims once it's breached." The stronger your roof, and the longer it's deemed to last, the less likely it is that the insurance company will have to put out a large payout down the road.
But true roof protection is not just about the quality of the design or materials. It is also about the installation.  A poorly installed roof can leave you with both gaps in your coverage and gaps in your home's worth.  Normal wear and tear isn't typically covered by insurance, and so the job needs to be done right to avoid any unnecessary expenses coming out of your pocket.  If you're looking to save money over time, making a proper investment in a roofing company is the way to go, and  Columbia Roofing has everything you need in terms of selection and value.
You don't need to take our word for it, just browse our website  and you'll see.  We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a 2015 Super Service Award from Angie's List, and numerous reviews from satisfied customers.  We offer and install all types of roofing materials, from asphalt/fiberglass shingles, which are economical and fire resistant, to slate, which stands sturdy against rot and wind, and metal, which reduces cooling costs and can last you a lifetime.  Each of these products is subject to a manufacturer's warranty, but we also stand behind our installation work, so you never have to worry about what happens after we leave your residence.  If there's ever a problem that leaves you unsatisfied, we'll return and solve it - guaranteed.
Take a look at this 2016 Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling Magazine and you'll see that in our region, the cost associated with a roofing replacement is lower than the national average, but the resale value is higher.  In fact, according to their research, you can recoup more than 75 percent of the cost after sale, which is up from 2015.  It's never been a better time to replace or upgrade your roof. Let us show you how you can benefit from the CRI process. Come visit our showroom, or contact us today for a quote! Experience the impact for yourself.

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