In Tough Times, We Gather Together…


It’s hard to believe that almost 40 years have passed since Columbia Roofing first opened its doors to the community.  Nearly two decades ago, owner Mike Christopolis began partnering with local builders and homeowners in Howard County, forming relationships that have weathered countless storms — literally.  Though there have been many teachable moments through the years, perhaps the two most important lessons we’ve taken away are to never underestimate the power of community, or that of Mother Nature.

The devastation that occurred a week ago in Ellicott City is nothing short of shocking.  Maryland may be known for its unpredictable weather patterns, but experts are now calling the tragic event a one-in-1,000-year” flood.  Only once every 1,000 years does a flood of this magnitude have a chance of occurring in the United States, and it has happened right here in our hometown.  We are heartbroken for our neighbors, friends, and longtime partners.

In just three hours, more than eight inches of rain came down on Ellicott City.  A State of Emergency was declared as flash flooding ripped through Main Street, taking down homes and businesses in its path.  Sinkholes swallowed cars and sidewalks, residents’ lives were endangered, two beloved individuals were killed, and dreams were destroyed.  For most, if not all of the business owners who set up shop on Main Street, their livelihoods have been shattered.  At Columbia Roofing, we know exactly what it’s like to build a business from the ground up, and have experienced that same emotional journey.  We deeply empathize with the sorrow, frustration, fear, and relief that these small business owners are feeling, as they work to rebuild their futures.

The severity of the situation has led to calls for federal disaster relief, and the whole nation has noticed, particularly of the way that neighbors in surrounding areas have taken action to help.  Among the many volunteers pitching in to make a difference, we want our customers and community members to know that Columbia Roofing stands with you in solidarity and support.  We equally appreciate the tireless efforts of the first responders, government officials, charitable fundraisers, and local business owners like us looking for a way to ease the pain. 

We know it will be a long recovery, but renewal is possible.  Our CRI team members have stood at the threshold of numerous repairs and renovations over the past 39 years.  Although physically it may not always be an easy process, each boost by friends and neighbors paves the road —and the roof— just a little further.  Historic Ellicott City is a resilient town, and we know it will recover better than ever.

We are here to serve you, and if we can offer any additional comfort or assistance, please contact us online or by phone.  Thank you.


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