Greenbuilder 2015 Readers’ Choice for Siding Delivers Good Looks that Last

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James Hardie, one of the material suppliers Columbia Roofing uses, walked away with this year’s Greenbuilder Readers’ Choice Award for siding. So it comes as no surprise that the magazine recently selected James Hardie® siding products for its new Vision Home project. Progressive builders and contractors have taken notice of the company’s commitment to craft exceptional exterior home products for sustainable homes.

James Hardie brings uncompromising performance to home design without sacrificing aesthetics. It begins with a unique manufacturing process reliant on natural, sustainable raw materials. Every board is Engineered for Climate® to keep homes looking beautiful longer – despite what nature brings.

To enhance the attractiveness of low-impact design, James Hardie developed vibrant ColorPlus® Technology finishes.  The finish is baked onto the board in factories, eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during exterior painting, which are harmful to human health and the environment. Superior fade resistance and a 15-year finish warranty help reduce the need for repainting.

Resilient homes with enduring character enrich the lives of those who live there. Look to James Hardie for siding that shows the world its character from core to curb.


Winter Home Maintenance

Winter is here, and temperatures are dropping lower and lower. Losing heat in your home due to improper preparation costs you both money and comfort. What can you do to prepare your household for this coming winter? Here are some tips:

Caulk Around Windows and Doors

The main entrances for anything in a home are windows and doors. That being said, the slightest gap in sealing can cause a major amount of heat to escape overtime. A good way to avoid this from happening is to caulk the perimeters of all of the windows in your home as well as any doors that lead outside. This way, all entrances are properly sealed and reinforced, and the inside of your home is protected from the elements.

Call a Chimney Sweep

Any residue buildup or blockage in a chimney can be extremely harmful for those who live in a home. An inspection by a professional sweep comes at a somewhat steep price, but gives you and your family peace of mind when warming up the house.

Hit the Roof

A roof is a house’s main coverage. If any part of a roof is exposed or deteriorating, this can cause water to leak into your home, or heat to leak out of your home. You can easily survey the condition of your roof using binoculars by looking for damage closely, especially around chimneys and vent stacks. If necessary, you can also hire a repairman for minor repairs, or a roofer for more serious problems.

A Doorway to the World

A door is a precious part of a home. It keeps the things we love secure inside, and opens up to a world of wonder, especially for those eager to discover.

These stunning French patio doors extend gently out to a peaceful garden, safe enough for even the youngest family members, and energy efficient. Columbia Roofing's doors are weather tight, durable, and sharp for the best light and visibility. Strong locks and an anti-microbial seal ensure intruders of all kinds stay away, but balanced natural light and ventilation are always present.

A well-crafted front entrance or spotlight back doors greatly add to a home's welcoming appearance, and increase feelings of comfort and security for those who reside there. Our access to the latest, high-quality building materials, mean we can fulfill our customers' design desires at competitive prices. We have the brands and colors you are looking for, with superior workmanship to match. To start exploring from the doorway of your dreams, visit us at for a free estimate.

Historic roof styles

Have you ever noticed the roof styles on historic houses? There are a plethora of unique styles that adorn antique houses, from the very simplistic Gable-styled roof to the incredibly elaborate Mansard style. Other roof styles include the Cross Gable, which was popular on homes that embody the Greek revival and Victorian style, Flat style, as seen on Italian style inspired homes, and Gambrel, which is also known as Dutch style. Check out more details about these roof styles here. Let us know which one is your favorite on Facebook!


Turning Dreams Into Reality

Remember how you used to dream of owning the perfect home? One that would fit all of your family's needs and look beautiful too? The possibilities were endless.

They still are.

Columbia Roofing, Inc. has spent more than 30 years helping clients bring their imaginations to life. From skylights and roofing, to siding and window replacement, we offer unlimited solutions for upgrading and repairing homes and commercial properties. Let us help you to increase the value of your home, for your family and your future.

Our knowledgeable installation professionals, along with our unprecedented access to the best materials in the business, mean we can provide you with the exact look and quality of service you desire, at an affordable price. We are constantly upgrading our showroom, and encourage you to pay a visit to see what styles speak to you. To contact us for a free estimate of your next project, visit