Keep the Summer Blahs Away with a Window Replacement

With summer rainstorms, energy bills, and allergens on the rise, it's no wonder why some people view these next few months as more stressful than winter.  But if you're looking to keep your home clean and efficient, and your family healthy this summer, replacing your windows might be just the ticket.

Columbia Roofing offers numerous manufacturers options for vinyl window replacement, including Andersen, Velux, Wasco, and B.F. Rich. Vinyl windows are designed to resist heat and condensation, making them the perfect choice to help lower your air conditioning bills.  In addition, brands like B.F. Rich offer anti-microbial options, resistant to mold, mildew and fungus, not to mention airtight to dust, pollen, and other allergens that plague summer sufferers.

Self-cleaning glass increases visibility and prevents spotting after a rainstorm, as well as makes windows easier to clean when you do so yourself.  Our high-standards during installation, and long-standing reputation, ensure you will receive a product that is guaranteed to last.  For more information on our window installation process, financing, or to get an estimate, contact us at:

Keep Doors Wide-Open This Summer with a Therma-Tru Upgrade

Ahhh, summer!

The days are long, school is out, and the doors to your home are swung wide open to welcome in excited family members.  Are your current entryways prepared to handle the constant activity?

With the transition from the cold months to the warm ones, especially with Maryland's crazy weather patterns, some familiar problems with old, outdated doors begin to reappear.  Moisture that has been absorbed from winter swells and seals doors shut, though not airtight.  Additional wear and tear, such as cracks and loose hinges, present a danger to young children as they yank and pull doors open.  How can you keep everyone safe, while also ensuring these problems don't occur in the future?

Columbia Roofing's efficient installation process means you can have a new, high-quality Therma-Tru door added to your home before summer really gets underway. These doors are high-impact, weather resistant, and energy efficient to keep cool air in and everything else out, including moisture from winter and rainstorms.  The durable fiberglass material is expertly stained to give the appearance of real wood without the possibility of cracking, and hinges are tightly secured to resist damage from powerful summer storms.  If you're ready to give your doors a much-needed upgrade, contact Columbia Roofing for an estimate today!

Save Energy Today!

March 12, 2015

Did you know with a few household fixes you can save ton of money on your next energy bill? While some fixes such as taking care of leaky sinks, switching to energy-saving light bulbs, and sealing drafts are pretty commonly known, there are still many other things you can do in your home to save energy. Tips such as not charging your mobile phone all night, keeping lids on saucepans, and washing a full load of laundry are also great ways to save on energy. Check out this infographic with more tips and fixes to help you reduce your energy usage.

Keep Cool With a Weather-Resistant Roof

With the rising temperatures, there can be no denying, it's gearing up to be a hot and humid June.  If you've already caught yourself blasting the A/C without relief, it may be time for a roof replacement.

The roof is one of the largest sources of energy loss for a home, especially when it is old and decaying, or poorly insulated.  Everything from the color to the quality of your existing roof materials, determines how much heat is absorbed, and how much cool air seeps out.  Now is the time to purchase a product that is energy efficient, sustainable, and guaranteed to last.

Columbia Roofing offers the latest selection of materials for both commercial and residential homes, including asphalt and fiberglass shingles, cedar shake, slate and metal.  At first glance, a metal roof might not seem like your typical summer option, but you would be surprised to learn its reflective properties actually transfer heat back into the environment instead of into your home.  It is also resistant to rot and fire - which can be an unexpected hazard of the hot, summer sun - and 100% recyclable.  Don't lose your cool over the weather this summer.

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Winter-Ready Gutters

If you dislike the snow and believe the 2015 Farmer's Almanac, you'll never leave your house this winter! Maryland's Fall has been fairly damp this season and that water is expected to freeze into snow as the months grow colder. Now would be an excellent time to evaluate if your home is winter-ready. While the kids are making snow angels and begging for all the snow days they can get, if you know your gutters are looking a little shoddy, you might be begging for just the opposite. If your gutters are loose, unstable, clogged, or cracked, a little bit of snow or ice is all it could take to bring them down for good.

What to look for:

If you notice that your gutters are bowed or bent in any way, this is a definite sign that they need repair or replacing. A bend in the gutter disrupts the redirection of water down the side of your house. Gravitationally, if water cannot run downwards, it can collect in any dips and lead to severe leaking. However, not all gutter problems are as obvious as a bend or a crack. As the leaves of Autumn come fluttering down, they could have already begun amassing in your gutters without you knowing. Blockage in a gutter can not only lead to leaking, but the extra weight of the soaked leaves can potentially pull your gutters loose. Even heavier than leaves is ice, and if water collects and freezes in a broken gutter, permanent damage is imminent.

How to fix it:

Columbia Roofing Installs all types and colors of 5k & 6k aluminum, copper, half round, galvanized and custom box gutter. We also install gutter control leaf protection and expand our gutter protection to include Leaf Relief. Leaf Relief can be mounted directly onto the current gutter system, is made of durable aluminum, and the patented Aluma-Perf Technology keeps leaves and twigs out of the gutter system. Leaf Relief mounts securely to the gutter system, resisting damage from high winds, heavy snow and ice.

Not sure if your gutters are up to the task of handling the winter weather? We also provide a free thorough estimate of your home from the attic to the basement! To request an estimate, simply click here to fill out this form, and we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

With the peace of mind that your gutters are good to go, now you can run outside and make a snow angel or two yourself!