5 Money Saving Household Life Hacks

Saving money for a new front door or roof?  Whether you are saving up for something in particular or just trying to create good financial habits we have 5 interesting tips for around the house that will help you save money.  Remember that every penny counts!

1. Keep your Fresh Flowers Longer: Add a capful of Vodka or Sprite to every vase with fresh flowers.  Adding soda (for the sugar) can help the flowers last longer by increasing the acidity of the water. Vodka inhibits ethylene production and prevents wilting.

2. Cut Sponges in half: When you buy a pack of sponges cut them in half, you'll double the amount of time that your pack of sponges will provide you.

3. Cleaning the old fashioned way: A lemon cut in half can be used to clean rust, hard water stains and many other stains from hard surfaces.  Vinegar and water makes for an amazing cleaner for glass and tabletop surfaces!

4. Unplug Electronics:  If you're not using it keep it unplugged.  About 5% of all residential energy usage is from items that aren't even in use.

5. Keep your freezer full: A full freezer runs more efficiently and uses less energy.  You can fill bottles with water and freeze them if your freezer isn't full, also if you are packing a cooler you can use the frozen bottles of water to chill your food!

Spring Gutter Cleaning Tips

Spring is in season and it is the perfect time to get those gutters clean. Junk from the fall and winter  have accumulated over time, here are some tips from the help of Gutterlove blog to get them cleaned up for the season.  

Use a garden hose with a pistol spray tip to wash away the accumulated mess. This is the best method to use without a gutter scoop.  Make sure you have a sturdy enough ladder, strong enough to hold a 5 gallon bucket on it's shelf. Examples include a 4 legged step ladder or an extension ladder for bigger homes. Also fiberglass ladders are the sturdiest but also the heaviest. Aluminum is a great second option, while wooden ladders wobbly and difficult to balance.  

Make sure you are clear of any powerline hazards in your way. If you are not sure call a contractor just in case. 

Be sure to rake all the debris off your roof or it will just get into your gutters again the next time it rains.  

Wear rubber shoes if you need to walk on the roof for the best grip to avoid slipping. The morning time is when rooftops tend to be more slippery, so it is best to pick a later time when the sun is out.  

Finally make sure to clean and unclog all downspouts. It can be unclogged by tapping on it, or if it is too heavy of a clog remove the downspouts to clear. 

Use these tips to help get your in gutters nice and clean for the warmer weather. Have any other tips we didn't mention? Let us know on facebook!



A DIYer’s Most Common Misstep – Siding Slipups

We praise adventurous homeowners who triumph in the battle of Do-It-Yourself renovation. However, many of our first-time clients are unlucky owners who have stumbled along the process of bargaining an economical solution. In the end, the majority of homeowners spend more money to fix a gaffe that was completely preventable.