In Tough Times, We Gather Together…


It’s hard to believe that almost 40 years have passed since Columbia Roofing first opened its doors to the community.  Nearly two decades ago, owner Mike Christopolis began partnering with local builders and homeowners in Howard County, forming relationships that have weathered countless storms — literally.  Though there have been many teachable moments through the years, perhaps the two most important lessons we’ve taken away are to never underestimate the power of community, or that of Mother Nature.

The devastation that occurred a week ago in Ellicott City is nothing short of shocking.  Maryland may be known for its unpredictable weather patterns, but experts are now calling the tragic event a one-in-1,000-year” flood.  Only once every 1,000 years does a flood of this magnitude have a chance of occurring in the United States, and it has happened right here in our hometown.  We are heartbroken for our neighbors, friends, and longtime partners.

In just three hours, more than eight inches of rain came down on Ellicott City.  A State of Emergency was declared as flash flooding ripped through Main Street, taking down homes and businesses in its path.  Sinkholes swallowed cars and sidewalks, residents’ lives were endangered, two beloved individuals were killed, and dreams were destroyed.  For most, if not all of the business owners who set up shop on Main Street, their livelihoods have been shattered.  At Columbia Roofing, we know exactly what it’s like to build a business from the ground up, and have experienced that same emotional journey.  We deeply empathize with the sorrow, frustration, fear, and relief that these small business owners are feeling, as they work to rebuild their futures.

The severity of the situation has led to calls for federal disaster relief, and the whole nation has noticed, particularly of the way that neighbors in surrounding areas have taken action to help.  Among the many volunteers pitching in to make a difference, we want our customers and community members to know that Columbia Roofing stands with you in solidarity and support.  We equally appreciate the tireless efforts of the first responders, government officials, charitable fundraisers, and local business owners like us looking for a way to ease the pain. 

We know it will be a long recovery, but renewal is possible.  Our CRI team members have stood at the threshold of numerous repairs and renovations over the past 39 years.  Although physically it may not always be an easy process, each boost by friends and neighbors paves the road —and the roof— just a little further.  Historic Ellicott City is a resilient town, and we know it will recover better than ever.

We are here to serve you, and if we can offer any additional comfort or assistance, please contact us online or by phone.  Thank you.


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Protect Your Home from the Elements

The Northeast can get slammed with hurricanes, winter blizzards, and hot and humid summers. With such drastically different seasons, it’s especially important to feel protected with a dependable exterior for your home.

James Hardie® siding and trim are Engineered for Climate®, with performance attributes that take your region’s climate into account. The HardieZone® System entails climate-specific product formulations, and there's one zone specifically for the Northeast - the HZ5® product zone.

Here are a few ways that James Hardie building products work with your range of Northeast weather:


Hot and humid summers.

James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology is designed for the heat and beating sun. The ColorPlus Technology finish is multi-coated, is baked-on and helps resist fade from damaging UV rays to retain vibrancy longer. James Hardie figured humidity into the equation, too—its products are engineered to withstand damage from the summer moisture.


Cold and snowy winters.

When it comes time for winter, the Northeast flaunts below-freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall (averaging 60-120 inches per year), freezing rain, hail and sleet. HZ5 siding is winter ready, able to resist shrinking, swelling and cracking even after years of wet or freezing conditions.


High winds and storms.

A Nor’easter—a serious storm that gets its name from the direction of the wind—can cause severe flooding, winds and blizzards. James Hardie siding and trim are made with fiber cement, making them a robust option that helps resist the impact of windblown debris.

Heavy winds, blizzards and hurricanes and high winds can hit hard, fast and without much warning in the Northeast, and James Hardie siding can help you feel protected. Check out this video of what homeowners, contractors and architects have to say about Super Storm Sandy and the durable qualities of James Hardie siding.

Protect your house from the elements of the Northeast. After all, it’s more than just a house; it’s your home.


Gray Siding in the Northeast

After exploring the exterior home preferences of Northeast homeowners, the results
are in—gray tones are all the rage. The top five colors across the board are grays
and whites. And about 40 percent of Northeast homeowners are opting for some
color in the gray family.

James Hardie heard the call and designed some stylish gray tones now available in
the Northeast. Homeowners can currently clad their homes in Aged Pewter, Gray
Slate, Iron Gray, Night Gray and Pearl Gray.

Besides the sought-out gray hue, there’s the added benefit of James Hardie’s
ColorPlus ® Technology—a baked-on color option that helps resist color loss. This
means your siding will look fresh over time without a ton of maintenance.

Here’s a sampling of a few of our favorite gray-sided homes:

Light and Airy
This New England beauty is clad in HardiePlank ® lap siding in Pearl Gray, the
lightest of the gray siding options. When paired with the HardieTrim ® boards in
Arctic White, it’s easier to see the subtle tone of the gray hue. The color matches
nicely with the light brick and decking.

Gray Roundup 1 1

Nighttime in New England
It’s important to check out the color of home siding at dusk to be sure you like the
hue whether it’s night or day. This home is clad in HardiePlank lap siding in Iron
Gray with Arctic White HardieTrim boards. The deeper gray almost matches the
pavement of the street in the night sky.

Gray Roundup 2

Iron Gray by Day
Here’s a look at the same dark, dusty siding color with crisp Arctic White
HardieTrim boards in the daylight. The colors add a modern feel to the classic
Northeast home.

Gray Roundup 3

Add Interest to your Exterior with Shingles


This close-up image of a pristine East Coast home clad in straight edge 
HardieShingle ® siding in Cobble Stone does the region proud.

When it comes to durable James Hardie ® building products, you have options when
selecting your shingles. HardieShingle ® siding comes in straight edge panels for a
clean-lined look, or staggered edge panels for a rustic look. Both shingle options
come in a wide-range of hues—featuring James Hardie’s exclusive ColorPlus ®
Technology—and quickly adds lasting character to any home architectural style.

Whether used as an accent or as the home’s entire siding, shingles just seem to
declare traditional beauty. The East Coast is the home of the shingle design style,
and here’s a look at the region doing it well.

Clean and Complementary

We can’t get enough of the polished look of straight edge HardieShingle siding.
Whether it’s a large front gable on your Arts and Crafts bungalow or the entire body
of your refreshed farmhouse, the rows of clean-lined shingles add detail and
highlight the architecture of your home. We love this Craftsman sporting a
combination of shingles and brick. The upper portion is clad in cream straight edge
HardieShingle siding and the lower portion in complementary brick. The crisp white
trim and matching columns tie the whole look together.


Sail Cloth Shingles

Homes with gables—the triangular portion of the exterior wall between the edges of
the intersecting roof pitches—are prevalent. When cladding your exterior, you can
easily highlight the pitched architecture with staggered edge HardieShingle siding.
This bungalow is clad in HardiePlank ® lap siding in Monterey Taupe while its gables
are clad in staggered edge HardieShingle siding in Sail Cloth. The creamy shingles
add individuality to the quaint home.


Stone and Straight Shingles

Combining a variety of siding styles—lap and shingle siding—in the same color is a
simple and effective way to obtain an interesting, cohesive look. The body of this
updated Craftsman is clad in HardiePlank lap siding in Monterey Taupe. The home’s
gable stands out in straight edge HardieShingle siding in matching Monterey Taupe.
The crisp Arctic White HardieTrim ® boards and columns make the taupe siding pop.


Bold and Blue

This perspective shows off the staggered edge HardieShingle siding in Boothbay
Blue as you would see it looking up at your home. The varied lengths of the shingles
seem to add movement, like gentle waves in a pond.


When designing your East Coast home’s exterior, highlight its architecture. This may
mean opting for more than one siding choice—after all, it’s a simple way to add
variation and charm to a could-be flat-looking front.

You can also feel secure knowing any type of James Hardie siding variety you choose
is durable. After all, James Hardie siding products have been tested and engineered
to help withstand and resist damage from pests, fire and East Coast weather (such
as freezing temperatures, moisture, snowfall, ice, hail, wind and extreme
temperature variations).