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May 20, 2015

At Columbia Roofing, nothing makes us happier than hearing that our customers are satisfied.
We received the following letter from a Homeowner whose roof we 


Mike Christoplis Sr.,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I am extremely pleased with the work that Columbia Roofing did in replacing the roof on our Kent Island home.  The house has a complicated roof structure with multiple gables and a quarter round conical roof which spans between two vertical walls in the back.  We choose a 50 year Owens Corning shingle and to assure a good job, we only obtained quotes from roofing companies that received outstanding reviews.  We were pleased when the Columbia production crew roofed the house without issue and brought the full visual effect of slate using the 4 tab asphalt shingle with its distinctive keyway.  

When it came to the conical roof, we were faced with the possibility of having to install a metal roof in lieu of maintaining the slate like appearance that was so prominent on the other roof sections of the house.  Our preference was to maintain the appearance of slate on the conical section similar to that seen on the old slate roof cathedrals.  While this is easy to say, I can now appreciate how difficult it is to do.

To honor our wishes, Ben Alsop came to the house and worked through the complicated layout necessary to use the same 4 tab shingles on the conical section.  To do the job properly, every single 4 tab shingle had to be cut into individual tabs.  Each tab was then taken up on the roof where the keyway was aligned to vertical through a system of straight lines drawn from the point of the conical roof to the starter shingle at the roof's edge.  Each tab had to be cut again (often multiple times) after the tab alignment was complete.  To assure the accuracy necessary to maintain the visual effect, Ben took it upon himself to personally perform the roofing of the conical section. 

Ben is a manager for Columbia Roofing who no longer performs the physical roofing work after coming up through the ranks of the roofing trade.  His personal dedication to getting this job done for us in a way that is simply stellar could not go without acknowledgement. Ben is not only a craftsman, he is an artisan whose skill set can clearly be seen in the pictures that I have attached.

I want to thank Columbia Roofing for a job well done and particularly I want to thank Ben for taking the time and putting in the effort to truly make this a stellar installation.

Mr. Mescher
Home Owner


We are so happy you are pleased, Mr. Mescher. It was our pleasure to work on your home and we thank you for your kind words!