You have many different options when choosing how to protect and decorate the exterior of your home. One of the most popular options today is cement fiber siding. If you’re interested in a sustainable way to keep your home safe while enhancing its appearance, consider these three advantages of selecting this innovative material.

Reasons to Choose Fiber Cement Siding
1. Aesthetic
Fiber cement siding, which contains cellulose, sand, and cement, holds paint well. You’re free to decorate the surface with any color you wish, as it soaks in the pigments. It only requires repainting every 7 to 15 years. Additionally, the material is available in many textures and shapes to make your home’s exterior resemble stucco, bricks or wood.

2. Sustainability
The ingredients used to make fiber cement siding are recycled, minimizing waste. Thanks to the durability of the siding, it’s more likely to suffer less damage during natural disasters, therefore creating less waste and lost material. One study from the Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiative at the University of Minnesota noted that cement fiber siding can be recycled and that it is more durable than traditional wood, while also offering much lower annual costs than other materials with similar lifespans.

3. Durability
Cement fiber siding doesn’t rot. Pests like termites can’t burrow through the material, and it is UV resistant, so the coloring will take much longer to fade than on traditional siding. This surface is also flame retardant, and it can withstand around 50 years of use before requiring replacement.


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