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Vice President

Kath Christopolis | Vice-President | Columbia Roofing Inc. | Oakland, MD

Kathy Christopolis

Kathy Christopolis is a Vice President of Columbia Roofing Inc. She helped build the company and manage the office and the marketing for decades and still oversees many of the operational areas of the company. She helps keep the teams grounded and offers guidance for everyone. She was the first point of contact for many of Columbia Roofing Inc.’s customers for decades helping them get scheduled and following up to ensure they were happy with the work. Her primary focus is on protecting and championing the reputation that the team has worked hard to build. She always wants to do what’s best for Columbia Roofing customers and looks for ways to go above and beyond for each customer. When she’s not serving customers or keeping the office in line, she enjoys spending time with family, getting out to the beach, or playing pickleball as often as possible.