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We Are Available For Emergency Roofing

Contact us to schedule a convenient appointment time for our Qualified Sales Team to visit your property

What To Expect

The Proven Columbia Roofing Process

After serving as a roofing contractor in the Columbia area and greater Maryland for over 40 years, our team has the experience and process dialed in to perfection! Our customers know exactly what to expect and we rarely see issues with our project timelines and schedules.

Contact Us For Appointment

While our team of experts and even our office staff are very well trained to answer questions over the phone, the nature of construction requires an in-person appointment for us to determine the specifics for your unique project.

Project Under Construction

From the initial contact with our customer and pre-work safety meeting, our team understands each phase of the project and strives to complete each project we take as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

Final Payment & Warranties

After project completion our team will meticulously walk the site to ensure everything is cleaned up. Then our Field Supervisor will ensure the project meets our strict quality guidelines and provide the owner with the warranty information.

During Construction

Typical Construction Process

We understand that a construction project on your home can feel invasive and interrupt your regularly scheduled routines. With this in mind, we have outlined our typical construction process below so homeowners know what to expect while our local team is at their home or business.

Project Kick Off

We start each project by making contact with the owner to ensure all "day-of" coordination has taken place. We will outline the estimated scheduling of the project, keeping in mind that dates and times are "Weather Permitting".

Material Delivery, Loading, Prep

Our production manager will notify you when materials will be delivered. Project managers will perform a site inspection and formulate the plan for work if the project warrants it. We will verify material to complete the job before beginning.

Protect and Tear-Off

We tarp around the project area and ensure that the property and all belongings will remain safe and free of damage. Then we begin removing the old materials from the home or business. This is the demo stage.

Installation Time

Whether our expert team is installing a new roof, gutters, siding, doors, or windows you can rest assured they have been well trained to ensure the job will be done correctly and your home or business will look amazing soon!

Clean Up and Remove Debris

Our team will thoroughly walk the job site and pick up all trash and debris. We pride ourselves on leaving your home clean and even do a final sweep with a magnet to catch any hidden nails, or scraps of metal that might damage a vehicle.

Final Inspection

The Columbia Roofing team specializes in every area of service that we offer, however, we add a final inspection of each project to ensure it lives up to our stringent quality guidelines and that our customer will be happy with the results!